Tampere University, Helsinki, Finland

Hüseyin Yanar is an author, devoted learner and mentor. He has lived, taught in four different countries and learned from four different cultures, and is always captivated by the charms of Art and Architecture of which he followed. He believes that there are many architectures not only one. For him "space for growth" is very essential to find a unique way for a person in our field. He also thinks that better to forget architecture and go out of it as much as possible and come back powerfully to see everything with a new, fresh and critical eye. Yanar graduated with high honors from the Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts (MSGSÜ) and finalized his Ph.D. on “Rhythm and Rhythmic Volumetry” in Architecture and thought at the same institution for many years. His journey at Oxford Brookes University started with his MPhil thesis on “Rhythmic Patterns” where he spent five years also directing architectural design studios and giving lectures. Later, followed his Finland experience where he joined Aalto, Tampere Universities, and Helsinki Fine Arts Academy mentoring many students. Yanar wrote one of the three articles (the others were Luis Fernandes Galliano, Netta Böök) in the book of Finnish Architectural Biennale selection 2010/2011, and he participated in the exhibition “Istanbul Stream and Bridges” with his work “Father Hagia Sophia” at the Finnish Arts Academy in 2012. Later, Yanar was invited to Busan Dong Eui University of South Korea and became Associate Professor in 2013-14. In the exhibition of “Two Paths to Silence” together with Finnish Artist Jussi Tiainen, his texts were exhibited at the Museum of Finnish Architecture, in 2014. Yanar also took part in Tallinn Architecture Biennale with his drawings, lecture, and workshop in 2015. His book, “Portraits” which has an introductory from Juhani Pallasmaa, was published in 2011 in Finland, attracted a lot of interest in the region, and got one of the prizes of “The Most Beautiful Finnish Books 2011”. Now, he is finalizing the second volume of “Portraits”. In recent years, Yanar has been teaching in the experimental studios of the “Urban Meditation” course in Urban Planning Group, Faculty of Built Environment, Tampere University, Finland. He has numerous awards, jury memberships, talks, exhibitions, many critical articles, and some built projects and he has also a studio named Orpheus North Architects.