28-30 September 2021, Trabzon, Turkey

The human-centered perception of the universe, which began with the Renaissance, put the man in a position of defining the center with a thoughtful sense. All systems except from the central location have after than begun to be evaluated with the concept of altered/différance/furthers/significants/marginals:  Altered countries have been discovered in a geographical context, altered beliefs have emerged in the context of faith, altered books have begun to be printed in the context of the text. All the alterities produced by the Renaissance have evolved into different pluralities that enable the construction of a new modern world. The altered, located in the center of the Renaissance, in time, has evolved into the “other” that the modern world stands against.  The concept of “other”, which the modern world produces instead of altered, has become an act of negation that is displaced, undesirable, feared, in other words, is created to prove the legitimacy of the center. Now, all existences except western ideology, which is the ideology of the modern world, are “other”, such as; other geographies, other governments, other economic systems, other socialities, other physical environments, other practices, other architectures…

The concept of “other”, which began to be expressed with modernity, usually existed in the architectural agenda with its divergent and differentiated meanings. Architecture, along with the concept of “other”, defines a form of a relationship that commutes between the center and the periphery, changing in time.

In this form of relationship, to discuss the “other(s)” that ensure the existence of the center in an environment becomes important where architectural theory and practice are built on generating the center/essential/accepted.

“LivenARCH 2021: OTHER ARCHITECT/URE(S)” theme points out the ways of thinking about the ideas and the existences of architect/ure(s) that are not central, not discussed and not noticed. The main basis of the theme, except from the usual/known/ordinary/uncanny narratives, includes all theoretical, conceptual, practical, and even crisis productions manifested by everyday leaks. “OTHER ARCHITECT/URE(S)” are all the thoughts and actions formed outside the center, in order to ask new questions for architect/ure(s) in creating uncanny centers and new peripheries. In other words, it is where all central admissions are eliminated; it is a kind of noticeable state in which other global-local architect/ure(s), other architectural histories, other construction practices, other spatial data about the city and people exist. 

In this context, “LivenARCH 2021: OTHER ARCHITECT/URE(S)” Congress aims to discuss all the “other(s)” in the main topics of architectural thought, architectural theory and history, architectural practice, city, man and space from different scales and perspectives such as;


Other ;



Nature/Environment/Public Health








Interior Design